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Test your knowledge of the pubs in the city centre by answering the following questions.

1.   This pub is a popular stopping place for parties on ghost walks. The bar, provides access for a subterranean trip down into the barrel-vaulted tunnels beneath the centre of Derby, in search of ghosts. Name the pub?

2.   Which famous Derby pub's yard, was once used for cock fighting and a balconied extension was built so that patrons could watch that and similar events?

3.   This pub is said to be named after the former Greyhound Stadium that used to operate in nearby Vernon Street, is this true or false? Closed until further notice - 2008.

4.   Built in 1733 at considerable cost by Dr William Chauncey around a mineral spring. The building housed a handsome cold bath, changing rooms, a rest room and the grounds provided relaxing walks. Chauncey died three years later and the plan to rival Buxton never took off. Later it became a private residence, before in 1832 being established as a inn. What is the name of this pub?

5.   Once a branch of the National Westminster Bank, this pub's name reflects its previous use. Name the pub?

6.   For many years during the first part of the 20th century, a penny-farthing bicycle adorned one of the walls of the pub pictured below. True or false?    

7.   This pub is said to be named after a 17th century gentleman and counterfeiter, who built an ark for himself and his family on the Derwent, from where he carried out his illegal occupation. What is the name of the pub?

8.   The builders Ford and Weston, added the mock-Tudor timbering as part of a decorative refurbishment in 1929, using timber that had been rescued from other local sites. What is the name of this lovely old black and white pub with the false frontage? 

9.   Derby's oldest surviving pub, first licensed in 1530, it is a fine example of a timber-framed building. An old coaching inn, it is said to have been a stopping-off point for highwaymen. What is the name of the pub? 

10.  What Derby Museum is situated close to this pub?

All the answers appear in the special Derby Pubs Feature of 25 city centre pubs. Many of the pubs have fascinating histories and some unusual tales to tell.  To visit the home page, please click Derby Pubs.

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