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If you want to use public transport and would like to go on guided walks in the Peak District, then this feature is for you! The walks are free. All you need do is select a walk from the Transpeak Website that you feel comfortable with, book it and make sure you arrive at the start of the walk on time and with all your gear. Walk leaders reserve the right to refuse anyone not suitably equipped, and whilst every care is taken on the guided walks, no liability can be accepted for accident or loss.

Transpeak Walks are a group of enthusiastic volunteers, formed in 2005 to take responsibility for running and co-ordinating a varied programme of guided walks based on the use of public transport to access the Peak District National Park situated between the two great industrial cities of Manchester and Sheffield.

All of the guided walks are led by experienced walk leaders and assistants.  Safety of the group will always be the main priority and a person qualified in First Aid will accompany every group. Anyone with special needs, should inform the walk leader before the start of the walk.

Transpeak Walks aim to cater for people of all abilities and provide a wide variety of walks. The programme of guided walks are based on the use of public transport to access the Peak District National Park. These range from very easy to extremely strenuous. Routes may be varied in exceptional circumstances, particularly in the case of bad weather.

There is a very real need to maintain a programme of guided walks based specifically around the use of public transport, for which there are a number of reasons.

* Public transport doesn't discriminate! (i.e. many other walk groups rely on the use of the car as a means of getting to and from their walks. In effect, this discriminates against people who don't own a car, because either they can't afford to run a car, can't drive or have a disability that prevents them from driving).

* Public Transport is convenient for most people (i.e. most areas have bus/train links, therefore, walks are opened up to a wider social catchment area).

* It reduces the impact on the environment (i.e. fewer cars = reduced pollution & congestion, lower greenhouse gas emissions, etc).

* Is good for the local economies (i.e. more people = more spending. People on foot and using public transport have more time to spend money in local shops, pubs, etc than their counterparts in their cars).

* Is good for the Transport companies (could even help prevent line and bus route closures)!

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For full details of the guided walks programme go to:


Please telephone 0845 129 7777 between the hours of 0800 - 1800 Monday to Friday to guarantee your place. Also visit:-
For more detailed walk route information please go to The Hope Valley and High Peak Transport Partnership website at:-
Here you will find links to public transport companies which will be useful in planning your journey to and from the guided walks.


Transpeak Walks also arrange special events for groups of people with more specific needs. They are able to tailor walk experiences to whatever is required (YHA Weekends, National Trails, Challenge Walks,  Navigation Training, Winter Walking, etc.) For contact details see below.


1. To promote Health & Well-being (physical, social & psychological).

2. To encourage Social Inclusion (i.e. all genders / ages / cultures / abilities).

3. To encourage greater use of Public Transport.

4. To promote and encourage a greater appreciation of the countryside.

5. To offer a varied programme of guided walks.

6. To increase the number of people attending the walks.



All the images used in this feature have been kindly supplied by Transpeak Walks.




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