All the walks on this site have been carefully checked and should provide visitors with a great deal of pleasure, subject to careful planning in advance.

This website is believed to be correct at the date of launch, but the webmaster cannot be held responsible for any errors in text or changes that do occur due to diversion orders and permissions being withdrawn. If any reader finds that changes have been made to a route, it will be appreciated if they make contact.

Walking can be strenuous and it is up to the individual to assess their own level of fitness. All the walks described should not present difficulties to a moderately fit person carrying appropriate clothing, equipment and maps. Care should always be taken to supervise children and animals carefully, both in the country and on the roads.

On many of the walks a considerable number of stiles are encountered that may present problems to some people including dog owners. No times have been given to complete the walks as these can vary considerably dependent on fitness and the number of stops.


Many of the car parks suggested are public, so remember to take plenty of loose change with you. When you have to park by the roadside or in a lay-by, please ensure you park safely and without inconveniencing others. Pub car parks should not be used unless you have the owner's permission.


As all the walks listed on this website start from Towns/Villages, they are public transport friendly. For further information contact: This website aims to provide a wide range of information about public transport (buses, trains and express coaches) serving the county of Derbyshire and the City of Derby.


Opening times at pubs and teashops frequently varies according to the time of the year - last minute changes are not uncommon. In case of uncertainty and where there are no other suitable alternatives, it is best to telephone in advance.



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