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For those people who take great pleasure in walking the hills and moors of the Peak District, it is reassuring to know that if disaster strikes the mountain rescue service is available. Mountain Rescue is the first emergency service in the UK hills, moors and mountains. It is free, and on call 24 Hours a day 365 days a year.

The Kinder Mountain Rescue Team is part of the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation, it is self funding, and a registered charity (Reg. No 508380). Formed in 1971 by the amalgamation of the Sett Valley Mountain Rescue Team and the Goyt Search and Rescue Team, it is based in the village of Hayfield. It covers an area that includes the Plateau of Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peak District, and westward to the outskirts of Stockport.

Team Photo 2004

The team is made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds, with most of the members coming from the Hayfield, New Mills/Stockport area, and the towns and villages between. All the members are volunteers and they are required to live or work within a 30 minute drive of Hayfield.

Since its formation the Kinder Team has continued to develop, training hard to get the best results from increasingly sophisticated equipment. The team is now equipped with Bell stretchers and has extensive medical kits containing those drugs recommended by the MRC together with Oxygen and Entenox plus modern splints and cervical collars. The amount of time spent training in casualty care and First Aid has increased greatly in recent years. This probably reflects the wide variety of hill walkers and climbers who are now helped, ranging from school children to pensioners, with a wide variety of medical conditions as well as injuries.


The Kinder Team and all other mountain rescue teams in this country are composed of unpaid volunteers who give up their time to assist others who share their love of the hills. No charge is ever made to those rescued, or their party, either by the teams or by the RAF Helicopter Service. The expenses of teams and purchase of much equipment can only be met from donations received from walkers and climbers and other members of the general public.

Fundraising is very important, so that the best possible search and rescue service can be provided. The running costs of the Kinder team are around 10,000 per year. The money coming from general collections and donations. Appeals are also run to raise money for specific projects. The current appeals are for a new headquarters, to equip a second land rover ambulance and to renew the team lighting for night-time search and rescue. If you feel you can help this most deserving cause, then visit Kinder Mountain Rescue Team website at:

  When walking on the hills and moors

 - accidents and illnesses - requiring rescue can occur to anyone.


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Provides a voluntary search and rescue service, under Police control, in the mountain, moorland and rural areas of the Derbyshire Peak District. Liaison is with the ambulance service, RAF and farming community. Assistance is given to other rescue teams in the Peak District and to the Police in searches for vulnerable missing persons. The team are dedicated to continued training for the wide range of technical and medical skills required for this professional service.


The popular paths on the western approaches to the Kinder Massif offer a steady climb from the High Peak villages or roads. They pass over grouse moors many following valleys cut by the moorland streams. Rising past craggy outcrops of grey millstone grit, they eventually reach the plateau of Kinder itself.


In recent years the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team has had a fund raising committee which has worked hard to raise team funds both for the improvement of the team headquarters in Hayfield and for the purchase of new and replacement equipment.

The expenses of teams and purchase of much equipment can only be met from donations received from walkers and climbers and other members of the general public.

A second Landrover ambulance has recently been purchased with the proceeds of a gift.  However, to equip the Landrover for operation as a Mountain Rescue Ambulance costs around 10,000. Anyone able to assist with a donation, will find full details on the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team website.


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