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Etwall is situated to the south-west of Derby, and has grown enormously since the end of the Second World War, but still retains an attractive village centre.  St Helen's Church and the Sir John Port  Almshouses set on slightly rising ground are particularly appealing. The fine wrought-iron gates by Robert Bakewell, that hang outside the almshouses, restored in the 1980s, add an extra touch of quality.

A very prominent feature in the village is the John Port Comprehensive School, built on the site of the former Etwall Hall, which accommodates nearly 2,000 pupils. However, it was the Etwall Primary School's Parent Teachers Association who introduced well dressing into the village as part of its centenary celebrations, in 1970. The local Women's Institute also liked the idea and two wells were dressed that year.

Although a comparative newcomer to the ancient tradition of well dressing Etwall is now up there with the best, not only for the actual dressing but for the entertainment provided. Apart from all the stalls and sideshows, The Great Etwall Pram Race is an event not to be missed.

In both 2002 and 2003, Etwall Well Dressing Association raised over 3,000 for the benefit of the festival beneficiaries. During the current year the beneficiaries in the regional section are Treetops Hospice and St John's Ambulance and in the local section  Etwall Pre-School Play Group and Etwall Cricket Club.

All the images shown on this page have been kindly provided by the Etwall Well Dressing Association.

Etwall Well Dressing Review 2004

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Make a date to visit Etwall Well Dressings 15 - 17 May 2010.

There are 8 well dressing sites around the village to visit plus an opportunity to have-a-go at well dressing, where visitors can try their hand at making a well dressing.

The event also includes a variety of family entertainment - like traditional dancing, musical entertainment, puppet shows, dog show competition, a children's art competition and more.. There are also a variety of arts & crafts, and plant stalls.

For more details telephone: 01283 223443.



Well dressing is not unique to Derbyshire, but it is the county where the tradition is the strongest.  Almost all the wells dressed every year are either within the county, or only a short distance from the county boundary.


Visitors flock to Derbyshire year after year, not only to admire the dedicated work of the well dressers in producing such intricate, but to enjoy the  many events that take place at the same time in most towns and villages.

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