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Test your knowledge of the parks in the city centre by answering the following questions.

1.   In 1982, part of this park's southern boundary was lost to Warwick Avenue. But tree planting helped to soften the gap that had been created. Which park is this?

2.   Who bought and enclosed Allestree Park? He had an house built at the beginning of the 19th century, but died before it was complete.

3.   At the four corners of the Exeter Bridge, bronze relief panels remind us of notable figures from past generations. What are the names?

4.  Which park backs onto the River Derwent, where a riverside path/cycle route links both Derby City Centre in one direction and Elvaston Country Park in the other?

5.   What National Plant Collection is grown at Darley Abbey?

6.   Which park is the home to Derby City Councilís Nursery that produces bedding plants each year for distribution to council maintained sites? The plants are used in parks, traffic islands and for hanging baskets.  


7.   What is the name of the park pictured above?

8.   Which park was once the home of the Wilmot family from 1727 until the death of Sir Henry Wilmotís sister in 1916? The estate was divided up in the early 1920s and sold and the hall demolished. The site was later purchased by the Borough Council to be used as a public amenity.

9.   Where are the tea rooms that have been converted from a former Orangery?

10.  This turtle used to be found at the Riverside Gardens in the centre of Derby, where is it now?

All the answers appear in the special Derby Parks Feature of eight city centre parks. To visit the home page, please click below.

Derby Parks.


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Allestree Park

Alvaston Park


Chaddesden Park

Darley Abbey Park

Markeaton Park

Normanton Park

Riverside Gardens


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