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Over one million visitors per year 


Markeaton Park - When Markeaton is mentioned, most people immediately think of Markeaton Park, with its numerous fun attractions for children and special events. It is probably the most popular park in the East Midlands with an estimated one million visitors per year.

Markeaton Park is the home to Derby City Council’s Nursery, which produces bedding plants each year for distribution to council maintained sites. The plants are used in parks, traffic islands and for hanging baskets. Although normally closed to the public, the nursery holds an annual open day.

A craft village now occupies what were once Markeaton Hall stables. It consists of a number of individual units selling a wide range of goods, where visitors can watch skilled craftsmen at work. The village is open throughout the year, but the times of opening of individual units vary.   

History - Markeaton Estate was very extensive and dominated the north–west side of Derby, from 1086 to the early part of the 20th century.

In 1516, the manor of Markeaton, together with Mackworth and Allestree came into the hands of John Mundy, a goldsmith, who six years later became the Lord Mayor of London and was knighted in 1529. The last Mundy to live at Markeaton was Francis Noel who died in 1903, and on the death of his wife 26 years later, the estate passed to the Rev William Clarke-Maxwell.

The hall, built in 1755, and 16 acres of gardens were left to the Council, with the stipulation that they should be used to benefit the citizens of Derby. In addition, the council also purchased other land from Clarke-Maxwell.

Prior to her death, Mrs Mundy gave seven acres of land to the people of Derby, where the Corporation constructed a children’s play area and paddling pool, calling it ‘The Mundy Playing Field’. The hall was in a somewhat dilapidated state when it was left to the city and, after being used by the Army during Second World War, it was eventually declared unsafe and knocked down.


Park Facilities

  • Mundy Play Centre

  • Craft Village

  • Floral Displays  

  • Pitch and Putt

  • Fishing Lake

  • Light Railway

  • Cricket Pitch

  • Football Pitches

  • Tennis Courts

  • Wheeled sports facility

  • Markeaton Terrace Café

Please contact the Parks Department for more information/update.



The Park is host to a number of events throughout the year. One of the largest events held is the annual Bonfire and Fireworks display. There is also the Eco-Fest, which is held bi-annually over 2 days in September.


Refreshments & Crafts


The former Orangery, now a listed building, has been converted into attractive tea rooms. A craft village now occupies what were once the hall stables.

Markeaton Feature

Click here to go to a special feature on Markeaton with an heritage trail and walk to help you explore.



Telephone 01332 715507 - during office hours
Park Rangers 01332 367800 every day, including weekends, from 9am until 9.30pm.

Fax 01332 716512


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Markeaton Park -  The main entrance to the park is off the Markeaton traffic island where the A38 and A52 cross. Alternatively the park can be entered off Markeaton Lane, on the opposite side of the park, where there is additional parking and quick access to the Mundy Play Centre.


The park has over 207 acres of parkland and is one of Derby's largest parks and offers a wide range of activities and attractions for people of all ages.



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